Counseling SESSIONS

In times of uncertainty, loss, growth, and change, being supported is incredibly vital. Psychotherapy provides an opportunity for you to understand and transform your relationship with yourself and the way you relate to suffering so life doesn’t feel so hard or overwhelming.

I meet you where you are at and work collaboratively to attend to your specific needs. The heart of my work involves helping you listen deeply to yourself and trust your own experience. We invite curiosity and the body to guide our work. 

A growing body of research is pointing to the importance of body wisdom in therapy. I see the value of utilizing multi-modalities when appropriate. Movement, touch, mindfulness practices, and body-based tools are offered for clients who are interested.


Somatic Experiencing uses the innate wisdom of the body to help you heal from past traumas and resolve symptoms related to anxiety, fear, and depression.  This approach helps you release physical tension so that you can feel resilient, grounded, and relaxed. Clients often feel more present in their body, confident in their voice, authentic in relationships and at ease in their life.

SE can be incorporated in both psychotherapy and movement education sessions. For more information about Somatic Experience visit my resource page.


This type of session provides an opportunity for us to focus on how to help you move more effortlessly so you live with less tension and pain in your body. I offer comprehensive movement analysis, hands-on therapeutic work, body-awareness practices, practical tools and Somatic Experiencing (when appropriate) to support  body integration and ease.  I understand the importance of integrating new-found body awareness into daily life and provide accessible practices to support integration. 

Persons who benefit from this service include those recovering from injuries or living with chronic conditions, persons wanting a weight-neutral and safe place to inhabit and move their bodies, dancers/athletes, and those persons interested in developing a new awareness of their body and movement that will benefit them for years to come.


Coaching provides an opportunity for individuals to work on a specific theme related to wellness and embodiment with someone who can offer both sound guidance and encouragement.  Individuals often seek me out because they want to develop practices that support them in feeling more at home in their bodies and trusting of its wisdom. Session themes may include practices to support body trust, intuitive eating, and joyful movement. I offer coaching in person, over the phone, and via Zoom.


Workshops provide an opportunity to explore a specific theme in more depth.  I have developed and offer the following workshops (see workshops and links workshop descriptions below). 

·      Reverence for the Body

·      Inhabiting Our Earth Body

·      Writing the Story of Our Pelvis





I accept cash, check, and all major credit/debit cards including HSA cards. Please note that if you use a credit card an additional $3 will be added on for processing fees. Payment is due at the time of service.


  • Coaching and Movement Therapy: $100/hour

  • Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing: $130/hour

I do offer some sliding scale sessions for clients with financial need. Sliding scale fees are decided on a case-by-case basis and based on availability.  Please let me know if you are interested in discussing this option.

At this time, I am not accepting insurance*. As a client, you have the right to seek reimbursement through your insurance company utilizing a superbill (which I can provide) or to utilize your HSA to pay for services if allowed by your employer. Please be advised that your insurance company may decline your request for reimbursement, and that you are solely responsible for the costs associated with your therapy.

*If you have been in an auto or work-related  accident and are seeking services related that accident, I may be able to bill your auto insurance for services.


As a responsible registered intern in the State of Oregon and in the counseling community, I am currently under the supervision of Hilary Kinavey, LPC (C1995). If you have any questions about supervision, please ask me at any time or feel free to contact Hilary directly at 503-288-4104.

If you'd like more information or to talk about whether we'd be a good fit to work together, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 971-777-3274 or send an email to