MY Approach

Throughout our lives we can develop patterns or experience traumas that harm our sense of well-being, create habits that may not serve us, and distract us from innate knowing. I recognize all my clients as whole beings who have both experienced suffering and are courageously journeying to help themselves feel more aligned, confident in their experience, and at ease in their skin.


I offer an environment where you are invited to bring your full self. Regardless of why you are seeking services, I understand that having a relationship in one’s life that is free of judgement and infused with compassion is essential in a healing process. When we feel truly seen, heard, and received, the parts of us that have gotten injured or shut down have an opportunity to surface, be tended to with kindness and understanding, and transform. Parts of ourselves no longer need to be annexed and a more integrated way of being can emerge.

In the twenty-plus years that I have been working with clients, I have noticed that when the right conditions are present, an inner intelligence arises. Part of our work together is discovering what needs to be present and practiced for your natural resilience and knowing to emerge. My therapeutic approach is not a method. It is a way of working that attends to the individualized needs and strengths of my clients. I bring my wealth of training, tools, and experience, but ultimately together we discover how you need to be supported and what you need to feel whole.

My practice is open and inclusive for those from diverse racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, and facing LGBTQQIAAP-specific issues. I embrace the Health at Every Size model and have a weight-neutral orientation.

I offer psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing sessions, movement education, and coaching for adults. (More information about these services can be found here).