The Tango Body

I have never seen such quick and noticeable improvement in Tango dancers as I have witnessed with the students that have worked with Donnella.
— Alex Krebs

Be introduced to specific exercises and movement patterns that will help you dance without pain and tension, move with more ease and power, and develop better balance and an ability to stay on your axis.

Whether you are a beginning dancer or one with years of experience, a private or group Tango Body class can help you find the muscular support and connection you need to keep your dancing pain-free and vital. 

The work is helpful if you want to…

  • Receive specific and helpful feedback about your dancing and movement
  • Cultivate strength and awareness to stay on your axis and connected to your partner
  • Find balance and greater connection to the floor within an embrace
  • Develop the body conditioning necessary to dance without pain and tension
  • Take home specific exercises and techniques that can be practiced to improve dancing and body integration