Find Freedom & Experience Ease

My sessions with Donnella are magical. Her knowledge and finesse opens a pathway for me to mend what is painful and raw. Each session I experience a hidden aspect of my body-mind. After years of traditional ‘talk therapy’ I’d learned to label my emotional underpinnings. Yet sadly, this knowledge did not diminish the pain. I wanted real change and Donnella’s insight, knowledge, training and experience allows a body-based approach which trumps years of talk therapy.
— Chris Quinlan

The demands of our lives, past traumas, and experiences can lead to us developing habitual patterns

that can be damaging to our well-being and the well-being of others.  These habitual patterns become the default for how we deal with specific emotional triggers and situations. They can compromise our ability to adapt and effectively deal with the demands of life. 

I help you create new patterns so that you can deal more effectively with life’s complexities. 

This work helps you:

  • Gain insight about what it happening in your body

  • Become more adaptive in the way you respond to situations

  • Experience more ease in times of emotional stress & distress

  • Express yourself more authentically in relationships

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Session Cost $90 hour  / $100 for 1.25 hours