Heal Your Pelvic Floor & Recover Your Core

Donnella resolved my acute pelvic pain almost immediately and resolved life-long postural problems with simple tips. Donnella can assess and evaluate why I’m having symptoms by watching me move. She picks up subtle things so I heal on a deeper and more sustainable level.
— Bridge D’Urso

A large percentage of our population live with compromised core and pelvic floor muscles.

This can contribute to us having poor posture, low back pain, incontinence, other joint problems, and feeling disconnected from our body’s center.

Often exercises targeted at the abdominals and pelvic floor are touted as the key to recovery. Unfortunately, in isolation this approach can cause more harm than good.  

My approach is comprehensive and integrative:

I seek to understand the structural, movement and emotional underpinnings of what is contributing to conditions.  Then I use movement analysis, breath work, therapeutic movement techniques and exercise to help you:

  • Resolve incontinence, pelvic floor, and low back pain
  • Gain insight about your symptoms and problems
  • Receive a treatment plan to address your specific needs
  • Learn to move in ways that support your core and pelvic floor
  • Feel stronger & more connected to your center

Session Cost $90 hour  / $100 for 1.25 hours