Move Better for a Lifetime

The work I did with Donnella 10 years ago laid the foundation for my elder years – it is long-term strength training.
— Amy Livingstone
Donnella answers the ‘but how do I do that?’ Her clear, yet intuitive approach has helped me sort out the mysteries of my particular body and the “how” of getting it to do what I want for Tango & life. This work has created a quantum leap in my dance and body.
— Laurel Leverton

How we move matters.
It especially matters as we age. 

Knowing how to move well can limit the number of injuries and chronic conditions you experience.

It provides you with the tools to help your body get stronger in a way that really benefits the health of your joints, bones, and muscles.

I am invested in meeting your specific needs.

I provide:

  • Comprehensive movement assessment
  • Customized movement or exercise programs for your body
  • Playful, relaxed sessions where we move at your pace.
  • The knowledge and tools to help you move better for a lifetime

Whether you are a dancer who wants to work on her/his on a specific technical issue or someone who is ready to feel comfortable in your body or both, this work will help!!!

Most of all it makes you move, as one as my clients says, “effortlessly through life”.  And that impacts how you feel in your body and your mind.




Session Cost $90 hour  / $100 for 1.25 hour