Be at Home in Your Body

This work has helped me become more comfortable and trusting of my body. I have begun a different relationship with my body - one based on curiosity and respect instead of one of judgment.
— Jennifer
For much of my lifetime I was not present in my body. I was wandering in different suits that either crippled my spirit, or covered my crippling. Donnella has helped me open door ways and find keys to other doorways that allow me to access my heart, guts, creativity, courage, intuition, and love.
— Windy

So many of us hunger for a different relationship with ourself.

We want to feel at home in our own skin and appreciate our unique physical form. We are told that our bodies hold wisdom and by listening deeply the body can become our guide. 

This work helps you cultivate an ability to:

Be comfortable and at ease in your body

  • Listen more deeply to your body

  • Appreciate your changing physical nature

  • Use your body as a guide to understand yourself better

  • Feel more confident

We start with the belief that the body has inherent intelligence. By listening to what is present in the body we give voice to that place in you that needs your attention and care. 

With my guidance and support, you discover ways to attune to yourself and understand your body’s signals. This can help you feel more relaxed and alive in your body, confident in your voice, and authentic in relationships


Session Cost $90 hour  / $100 for 1.25 hours