INhabiting Our Earth Body: Finding ease in movement & life

The body has inherent intelligence and is designed to move with ease and fluidity. In this workshop, we awaken that intelligence so that we can return to the lived experience of the body.  

We explore how our inherent body intelligence is deeply connected to ourrelationship with the Earth. How we orient, what we sense, feel, and perceive in our environment informs our movement and our experience of ourselves in the World.

In this workshop, we will enliven our connection to our inner and outer landscape so we:

  • Find the body organizing itself so movement is more effortless
  • Awaken the capacity to feel and receive support
  • Open portals that allow for fresh perception & support authentic expression
  • Discover new ways of moving and being that support ease

Each workshop we explore a new theme.  You gain resources and tools that can support you in integrating your learning in daily life.
When: Friday October 20th, November 17th, and December 15th
Time: 7-8:30pm
Where: Vibrant Studios:  1532 SW Jefferson St, Portland, OR 97201
Cost: $75 for the series (before 10/6) / $85 (after 10/6)
          $30 for an individual class ($5 discount if you register before 10/6)
A $75 discounted private session with Donnella Wood is available for anyone who takes this workshop. 



Reverence for the Body

Reverence for the Body is designed to help you develop an ability to listen to your body and discover ways to feel more connected to yourself.

We explore different body systems and structures to develop a greater awareness of your body’s landscape,  stories, and movement. Through guided movement, hands-on exercises, writing, and drawing you deepen your ability to trust and appreciate your unique body. 

You are given time for personal exploration and opportunities to share your experience with a supportive group. No movement experience is necessary to participate.

Date: TBA - Contact me if you would like to host this workshop