Writing the Story of Our Pelvis

Our pelvises are containers and creators. They are homes. They carry the source of our lineage.  And they are places of pleasure, confusion, pain, and shame.  

In this workshop, you are invited to connect more deeply with the multi-dimensional experience of the pelvis and to bring her voice to the page.

We will allow our body’s experience to be the conduit for our writing.  Experiential anatomy, embodied meditation, and imaginary will support our exploration. Come away feeling more connected to your center and learn new ways to source your body’s experience in your writing.

With gentle and intuitive guidance, Donnella created an intimate and safe shared space for profound emotional and physical exploration of the core vessel of women's life experience. I felt fortunate to make this sacred journey."  Molly Knott – 2014 Participant
Sunday December 6th from 1-5pm
Location: Inner Portland
Cost: $65 ( before 11/1) / $70



Reverence for the Body

Reverence for the Body is designed to help you develop an ability to listen to your body and discover ways to feel more connected to yourself.

We explore different body systems and structures to develop a greater awareness of your body’s landscape,  stories, and movement. Through guided movement, hands-on exercises, writing, and drawing you deepen your ability to trust and appreciate your unique body. 

You are given time for personal exploration and opportunities to share your experience with a supportive group. No movement experience is necessary to participate.

Date: TBA - Contact me if you would like to host this workshop